Crystal* eggs

On average a hen lays 310 eggs a year and for fifteen years we have succeeded in getting them all in the shops only one day later. We, i.e. Stefaan Verhelle and his wife, Hermine Steenhuyse, together with our loyal team, are the early birds.

Hervé Steenhuyse, Hermine’s father, still runs rearing establishment Steenhuyse only a few hundred metres from ‘t Munckenei. In De Kloosterbeekhoeve, the egg farm with free-range accommodation and winter garden, the hens can range in- and outdoors safely and protected. At the beginning of 2017 our hens got new neighbours: De Kwartelier, where three thousand quails produce fresh quail eggs every day.

Sorting and packaging take place at the same location at ‘t Munckenei, thus guaranteeing quality and speed. Thanks to our impeccable distribution system with our own trucks, we proudly use the “daily fresh” label. Each egg is traceable and every company possesses quality labels and certificates that contribute to our transparency.

As ‘t Munckenei is centralised and works with a minimum of intermediaries, this family business is customer oriented and animal friendly. It has been our challenge to provide customers with daily fresh and tasty eggs for fifteen years.

*‘t Munckenei celebrates its crystal, 15th, anniversary in 2017! Crystal is precious and needs good care; so do our eggs!


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… that a hen lays about 310 eggs every year?

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