Our main advantage, evidently, are the daily fresh, tasty eggs and quail eggs. Still, there are other advantages we focus on constantly.

Customer oriented

Small, familial and accessible, that is how ‘t Munckenei guarantees a customer oriented service and approach. The operations manager is both every customer’s contact point and the person who tends to the hens every morning. This short-chain ensures that action is taken immediately in case of questions or aspirations. At ‘t Munckenei the customer is always right, and so are our hens.


Short-chain production means rapid reaction time. Your wishes are met promptly. At very short notice we can offer you different types of eggs (maize, omega, multigrain, …). Do you wish for eggs under your own label? Private label? Everything is possible. Everything is negotiable. Quick and efficient.

Our integral production chain, from the happily scratching hen to the trucks delivering her eggs in the shops, is situated in Wingene. Avoiding intermediaries obviously helps us to provide you daily with a fresh quality product.


Happy hens lay tasty eggs. ‘t Munckenei is forward-looking and takes into account current market conditions. Cows you can milk dry, but not hens. We evolve into an integral free-range farm with winter garden. Our hens and quails range in- and outdoors in a safe and protected environment. Transportation is limited to a minimum. Solar panels provide green energy.

Running an egg farm these days is so much more than selling as many eggs as possible.

Hygienic and tidy

We obtained an IFS certificate “high level” many years ago. Regular external audits ensure that the conditions are met. A team of experienced employees process the orders correctly and promptly every day.

Safe and of high quality

Quality control is a constant concern and guarantee at ‘t Munckenei, De Kloosterbeekhoeve, De Kwartelier and rearing establishment Steenhuyse. The centralised production process, limited transportation and knowing our animals, directly affect the quality.

Tasty and daily fresh eggs from a closed chain limit the risks of illnesses or viruses. Hygiene, animal welfare and consumer safety are our priorities. After all, we comply with the German quality label of the KAT norm. Moreover, we have implemented our own system, based on the HACCP standards.

An overview:

  • The rearing establishment has a Belplume certificate
  • The egg farm has a Belplume and a KAT certificate
  • The packing centre is proud to have a KAT and an IFS certificate
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‘t Munckenei is a
IFS certified company.

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