Did you know ...

… that a hen lays about 310 eggs every year?

… that it is preferable to store eggs out of the vicinity of strong smelling foods, as the porous shells have 6000 to 8000 tiny holes through which smells can enter the eggs?

… that eggs are best not stored in hot places, but in your refrigerator, preferably in their original packaging?

… that the packaging materials protect your eggs against damage, slow down moisture loss and help prevent that the eggs absorb smells?

… that you cannot peel very fresh eggs (1 to 2 days old)? It is also important that you boil them very hot instead of heating them up slowly.

… that, according to research, 10 day old eggs are the tastiest? After the egg is laid, different processes take place that further develop the aroma.

… that the white strands you sometimes see in eggs are chalazas? They make sure the yolk stays in the middle of the egg. The chalazas are most noticeable in very fresh eggs.

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