Free-range hens lay free-range eggs

Free-range eggs are laid by – you guessed it right – free-range hens. The term primarily refers to the hen’s accommodation which needs to allow its natural scratch behaviour, not to its food. The animal welfare requirements are legally stipulated, but at De Kloosterbeekhoeve, the animals’ winter garden surpasses them.

Most of our eggs originate from our own free-range egg farm. A limited number of eggs is delivered by carefully selected suppliers, who, in turn, ensure their hens to stay healthy day after day. These kind of egg farms meet the strict requirements regarding accommodation (free-range) and food. They have a KAT and/or Belplume certificate.

In Europe, eggs need to have an egg code on them since 2004. Crack the code here. For free-range eggs the first digit of this egg code should be “2”.

You can buy our eggs in different types of packaging and formats.

2 x 6 free-range eggs LARGE
10 free-range eggs MEDIUM
30 free-range eggs MEDIUM, small and large also available
2 x 4 free-range eggs
2 x 6 free-range eggs
private label
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